British Awareness Days July

Scuba diving, music and dancing Find your sporting ability this Disability Awareness Day 10 July 2016

Did you know that Disability Awareness Day (DAD) is the the biggest non-profit disability exhibition led by volunteers in the UK?

It is held by Warrington Disability Partnership and attracts more than 25,000 people every year.   So, what is the day raising awareness to specifically?

The day aims to raise awareness to the voluntary, statutory and private services available to people with disabilities.   Having this knowledge will allow people to be more independent.

Other ways to promote independence will involve putting forward equipment and showing what disabled people are capable of achieving in fields like sports, arts and entertainment.

DAD has so far received a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services and believes that real and positive changes are being made in peoples attitudes toward disabled members of society.  When the organisation first started out they were even told that their vision couldn’t be realised … and now it has been!

The event is now in its 25th year – what an achievement!  This year there will be loads of exhibitors again to help provide support via equipment, training and lots more ways.

Not only that there will also be information to point you in the direction of local sports and leisure clubs you can join.

Aside from the 28,000 visitors that attend on the day, around 5000 people attend the activities on the week leading up to the day too.   For more information check out the official Disability Awareness Day website.

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