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Day of the Ninja 5 December

Day of the Ninja
Day of the Ninja

Day of the Ninja – This is no longer about disguise.  Your disguise was the everday life you have been leading.   It’s finally time to show the world that YOU are a ninja!

On 5 December you have the chance to show everyone your ninja identity.   Depending on what your plans are for Day of the Ninja you can surprise your co-workers by wearing a ninja mask to work.  If you happen to have that day free, you can invest in some ninja fancy dress costumes and run crazy in the streets!  Ahem, in a mysterious, undercover way though of course …

Get as many people involved as you can!  Post the day on your facebook, twitter or online blog if you have one.

Like pirates, ninjas are celebrated with good humour in the modern world.  But who were the real ninjas?

Well, it’s difficult to know the exact history behind them.

It is thought that ninjas first began to emerge as an uprising against the wealthier feudal Samurais.

Next the Chinese monks arrived and so began ninja schools – and the teachings of techniques!  They fought in the Nambukucho Wars and the Onin War until a couple of hundred years later peace was brought to Japan and ninjas moved out of reality and into movies and comic books instead.

I know you’re all too sensible but just as a reminder, remember to keep it fun and safe – don’t do anything crazy that might hurt yourself or others.   It’s easy to get carried away once the freer life of a ninja takes over!

For more information to get you into the spirit of Day of the Ninja there are loads of fun quizzes and games to play at ninjaburger.   The name generator has given me the ninja name of ‘Kyuzo Chiaki-san’.   I’ll start as I mean to go on!

Don’t forget you can also download the all-time favourite ‘Everybody needs a Ninja’ in preparation for the day!

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