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Conflict Resolution Day
20 October 2016

Conflict Resolution DayConflict Resolution Day

Conflict Resolution Day first ran in 2005 to promote the awareness of conciliation, mediation and other ways we can look at dealing with conflict and achieve more peaceful methods.   And to do this the day has to be huge!

It's essential to get governments on board so that they can reach out to schools, communities, families, the legal system - so we can all start working towards making positive changes together.

The picture logo sums up everything the day is about.   You can see the roots which show where the tree started growing - at one time it was just a small seed but now it has grown and blossomed into a tree with lots of colourful leaves.  The idea is that while the changes will take time the rewards will be worth it!  Just like any changes made this year will develop again and again year on year. 

If you're part of a school, whether elementary, middle-school or high school there are lots of conflict resolution activities for you to do this year as part of Conflict Resolution Day!  And seeing as the day is worldwide - the posters are available in English, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Spanish and Japanese!  How's that for preparation?

Are you keen to organise an event in your community?  Try to get local newspapers, radio stations and politicians involved.   You could also take a leaf out of ACR's book and hold a contest!  It could be poetry or something else altogether like an essay or art competition with 'conflict resolution' as the theme.   For more details, go to the Conflict Resolution Day website.  

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