Can you help your child overcome the hurdles?
Childhood Cancer
Awareness Month
September 2016

It's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month once more this September. Around 1500-1700 children are diagnosed with cancer every year and 50% are younger than five years old.

That's why it's so important so draw attention to the reality of the statistics and what people can do to help in some way.   If enough people fundraise then the better the chance or raising money that will go towards funding for research.  Who knows?   Maybe one day some of that money you've saved will go towards a discovery that will really help young children get better in the long run.

Common childhood cancers include lymphomas, leukemia and brain cancer.   To find out more about the different conditions, visit the website for more information.  CLIC Sargent also wants to put an emphasis on helping parents - so many parents have to be amazingly strong and they understand that it's difficult to keep a stiff upper lip when your child is suffering.  They encourage parents not to dwell on the fact their child has a cruel condition, but instead asks them to come together and focus on allowing their child to have as normal and happy a life as possible.

I knew a young man who recently succumbed to cancer - and he really was a person who lived his life to the full!  When he wasn't studying hard at his education he was putting his all into acting or drawing!  I really feel that people like him are an example to all of us.

So, in keeping with more positive approach, what can you do to help this December during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  There's lots of planned events you can take part in - fancy skydiving?   Or, if that's a bit too daring, you can take part in other events like sponsored cycles or treks. Or why not volunteer your services and take part in the Big Bucket Collection to help raise £100,000 for children and young people with cancer and their families. 

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