British Awareness Days June

Have you been to your screening? Cervical Screening Awareness Week 13-19 June 2016

Cervical Screening Awareness Week will be all about drawing attention to the problem and making people realise just how essential it is that they get checked.  Because, did you know that 20% of British women don’t go to their cervical screening – that is 20% too many!

You might know that the HPV virus often leads to the disease and nearly all of us will get it at some point in our lives.

Thankfully though there are vaccines available to protect you from it.  I’ve had mine and although I was apprehensive when getting them I feel so much safer now having had them!

Are you worried about having the cervical cancer screening? Doctors say for some it could be mildly uncomfortable – but lasting a few minutes at most isn’t it worth being healthy in the long run?

Would you like to help raise awareness this June?   You could display leaflets and posters in local places and a great way to get them noticed would be placing them in the women’s toilets.

You could even run your own stand with the leaflets or organise an event.  For more information on cervical cancer and the annual 5k ‘Walk for Fun’ event go to the Cervical Screening Awareness Week website.

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