British Awareness Days January

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 24-30 January 2016

This January the European Cervical Cancer Association (ECCA) runs Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.   Over six days, the organisation wants to draw awareness to cervical cancer by providing information on the development of the disease and prevention.

Did you know that it is preventable?   Yet 20% of women in the UK decline the invite to be tested.   Furthermore, only half of all girls offered the HPV vaccine.

I remember what it was like to be told we were all getting the HPV injection – scary!   But once it’s over and done with you forget about it and have protected yourself against a potentially life-threatening disease.

So what can you do to help?   Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust needs you to help them express and get across to people just how important it is to your health and well-being to attend a screening.

Start in your community!  Distribute posters and postcards where people are likely to see the images – places like your local GP practice or library. The female toilets in your workplace would also be a great idea if your employer allows it.

Aside from that, why not go ahead and set up your own event?   You could use free downloads from the resource centre to explain the importance of the week and encourage people to get involved.

Alternatively, perhaps you’ve been touched by cervical cancer?   First hand stories are welcomed as you never know who they could inspire to help out or get the vaccine.

If you need a bit of help stirring up some ideas for an event look no further than this link.

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