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CC Awareness Month every February

CC Awareness Month
CC Awareness Month

CC Awareness Month

Have you heard of cholangiocarcinoma (shortened to CC)?  I hadn’t, and many other people haven’t either – despite the disease claiming as many British victims as cervical cancer.

1500 people a year are affected.   Sadly, this number is only increasing rapidly.  Unfortunately it is very difficult to detect, which is why it is so important to recognise the signs as early as possible.

So what is the condition exactly?   It can block the natural flow of bile to the intestines and this is very bad for the body as the bile will flow back into the body’s tissues and the blood.   Symptoms include itchy skin, a reduced appetite and jaundice in the whites of the eyes.

With only 5% of patients likely to survive past a year, research is needed urgently.  Why does the cancer arise?  How can cholangiocarcinoma be better diagnosed?

These are questions that The Alan Morement Memorial Fund (AMMF) are hoping to one day answer.   In 2012 the CC Challenge was launched.

So what is the CC Challenge?

It means organising an event for CC Awareness Month or doing something beginning with the letter C!  That’s all, it couldn’t be easier. And of course the aim of the challenge will be to ask for donations and send them on to AMMF.

What challenges can you think of that begin with C?  A cake sale, a sponsored cycle, a coffee break or a cook-off between friends and family are some that I can think of!

Or what about an outdoor cinematic experience?   If you can get hold of or hire an inflatable projection screen for outside, all you would need then are some good movies, good company and tasty film food to complete the night!

And, don’t forget World Cholangiocarcinoma Day takes place on 15 February 2017 an international day to raise awareness of cholangiocarcinoma.

To find out more about what you can do to help raise awareness visit the CC Awareness Month website.

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