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It’s getting us all a flutter! Butterfly Education and Awareness Day 4 June 2016

Butterfly Education and Awareness Day
Butterfly Education and Awareness Day

Butterfly Education and Awareness Day takes place on the first Saturday in June.  So this year it will be celebrated on 4 June 2016.  Butterflies never get any less fascinating.  They are such captivating creatures and I always feel lucky to see one!

And there are so many different types!  From the yellow buttefly, to Skippers and Brush-footed butterflies.

To raise awareness of butterflies and how important they are as pollinators, the Butterfly Association wants you to get involved!  You could do something as small as learning the word ‘butterfly’ in different languages or something bigger – plan a themed activity!

Have you got a special occasion coming up?  You could release your very own butterflies!  To find out how, go to the Butterfly Education and Awareness Day website.

The media are also great speakerphone for awareness days like this, so contact your local newspaper or radio show and ask them to put something in to help support our fabulous butterflies.

And why not try a spot of gardening?  We have a butterfly bush in our garden – and it attracts all the stunning varieties of butterflies come the summer!  Also, there’s nothing more wonderful than seeing the butterflies which are attracted to the flowers soaking up the sunshine!

So, why don’t you try to plant flowers and shrubs that are nectar rich that our butterflies love to visit?  We’ve already mentioned the butterfly bush, Buddleia, but what about some Lavender or Marjoram.  They also love French marigolds and Michaelmas daisies.  So do your bit and encourage as many of these lovely delicate creatures into your garden!

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