That's right - there really is a whole day to bubble wrap!
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
27 January 2014

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day - Whether you're packing boxes for moving or using it to protect a gift for someone you love, bubble wrap is almost always a temporary distraction.   We've all been caught popping bubble wrap!

But this January you don't have to be ashamed or guilty that you should be doing something more useful. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is all about popping your bubbles proudly.

However, it's not as easy to make as it is to pop!  There are lots of stages to go through before the right material has been made.  Once its makers have the right kind of film, suction is applied to a drum-covered layer of film with holes punched into it.   Next the film is laminated so that the holes stick together and the air bubbles are trapped.  Et voila!

And while all this might sound straightforward, the air can leak from the pores really easily - meaning it wouldn't be able to cushion products properly.

So, the "Spirit 95" FM Radio Station started up this special event in 2001 and has been holding annual events like bubble wrap popping relays, bubble wrap sculpting and fashion design contests!

Guy Portelli, VPRBA FRBS is a sculptor who works with bubble wrap.  In his series of sculptures 'Temptation and Reward' Guy has looked at packaging and the desire for ownership, from chocolates to perfume or a gift wrapped figure.  Guy says "I love the way that the bubbles stretch over a figure creating a rhythm and contour, that is visually exciting and very tactile.  The pieces are cast in bronze, and then nickel plated which gives the very contemporary look.

'Torso' in nickel plated bronze, edition of 10 by Guy Portelli

In reality the bubble wrap does not work with what I am trying to achieve in that it wont stretch, so I have to go through a stage of evolution.  By taking a plaster mould of a sheet of bubble wrap and then casting a sheet of silicon rubber bubble wrap I can create the stretch, which gives a tension over the figure, that borders on the erotic.

For me bubble wrap is the closest man made material to nature, thinking of seaweed and plant structures, I think that this is what attracts us to it."

An example of Guy's work is pictured left - a nickel plated bronze named 'Torso'.

Guy recently found out that bubble wrap was invented in 1957, which is the year he was born, so possibly it was destiny for him to be working with this material.

If you would like to see some of Guy's sculptures they are currently on show at the 'KISS' exhibition, Gallery Different, London until 15 February 2014.  Or for more information about Guy's sculptures visit his website at the following link

You can buy bubble wrap online in loads of different colours too!  I also found the online bubble wrap game which was a lot of fun and quite good for stress-busting too!

Time to get poppin'!

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