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Cherry, standard, beefsteak there is nothing fake about the nutrients in homegrown tomatoes! British Tomato Week 16-22 May 2016

British Tomato Week
Photo courtesy of Gjs

It is time to celebrate British Tomato Week once again – launched by the British Tomato Growers Association.

This association of tomato growers emphasise that they grow tomatoes naturally in a way that protects the environment and promotes good health to the public.   They grow in glasshouses, which means that they are protected from the cold but revealed enough to soak up the sunshine that they need.   The biggest glasshouse in the UK just now is 26.5 acres – and is being extended to cover the area of 12 football pitches!

Did you know that four out of five tomatoes eaten by us in the UK are imported?  From sweet cherries (my favourite!) to beefsteaks, they really are tasting great.

There are of course different types of tomatoes!   The standard, rounded tomato is most well known.   Then we have the small version of this tomato, known as the cherry, often sweet in taste.  The beefsteak sounds like its name – its a lot beefier and bigger than the standard!  And what about a tomato that also matches its name – Oxheart; it really is shaped like a heart!  See a picture here.

They can also come in different colours – from dark red, to orange to green!   Contrary to what people might think, the colour doesn’t have much affect on the taste but they all include lots of nutrients.

So what’s happening in 2016?  Well this year it’s the twelfth anniversary of the event.  The Association will continue to raise awareness to British tomatoes!  So, for example, a fun run might involve runners dressed as tomatoes, or tomato-hopper race!

What else will be happening?  You should also look out for in-store promotions, competitions and visits for schools.

Keep checking the British Tomato Week website for further details!

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