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The standard for British cooking is high And the proof is in the pie! British Pie Week 7-13 March 2016

British Pie Week
British Pie Week
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British Pie Week – It can’t be disputed that the pie is a staple in some of the best British food we have.  Why?  Because they are traditional.

Sometimes on a really cold night all you want to do is tuck in to a lovely steak pie.  Followed by an apple pie.   Mmm …

So … the organisation Jus-Rol wants to celebrate this fantastic pastry-filled invention with our very own pie week!

Do you know how ‘Jus-Rol’ got its name?   It was after the ladies working in the bakery were asked what they did with the pastry cuttings and they replied – “we just roll it out …!”  I found that really interesting!

Want to know how you can get involved?   If you’re a chef or pub and find the thought of this week tickling your taste buds, then head to the website’s hints and tips to find out how you can make the tastiest and most creative pies for your customers. 

There are some great professional recipes to be found on the website. Or, if you fancy cooking at home with the help of some new pie recipes, then click here and visit the British Pie Week website.

Know what’s fantastic? if you scroll to the bottom right-hand side and enter the ingredients of your fridge for specific ideas!   Based on ‘eggs’, ‘peppers’ and ‘cheese’ I was recommended some great dishes!

Maybe you’ll come up with your own pastry invention.   Whatever the case don’t forget to upload a picture of the finished product to the Jus Rol facebook page!

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