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British Egg Week
10-17 October 2016

British Egg WeekBritish Egg Week

Running from 10-17 October 2016 it's British Egg Week.  Organised in association with British Lion Eggs, the week is no 'yolk' - it aims to show parents and children that eggs are egg-cellent for any meal, since they are high in nutrition for youngsters and value for money, too. 

Top chefs have cooked up lots of egg-citing recipes for us to try - just visit the website for the recipe details - I've had a quick look at the recipes and will certainly be trying them out - particularly the potato omelette by Jose Pizzaro and the fennel bread and butter pudding by Atul Kochhar looks simply delicious and it's an easy way for us to get involved in the week - you could even try a different recipe each day - that's eggs-actly what I am going to do!!

There are only around 80 calories in a large egg, and they're rich in B vitamins too, which means they're great if you're on a diet or just want to eat healthier.   But it's estimated that around 15% of people have only a drink for their breakfast - which will have your tummy rumbling by lunch time!

With treats like Eggs Benedict or even a simple boiled egg with brown bread soldiers for dipping to get you salivating, why not have a crack at cooking with eggs and fill yourself up on British Egg Week. 

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