Familiarise yourself
with your breasts in
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
every October

Breast Cancer Awareness MonthBreast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   It is more than just breast cancer awareness though; it is breast awareness.  How do you know something is amiss if you don't know what it feels like usually?

Too often we are shy about discussing breast examination.  However, would you rather suffer a few moments of embarrassment or have to endure more breast cancer treatment than is necessary?   Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here to help us with breast cancer facts, information and breast cancer detection.

Women over 50 are the most at risk but don't let this make you complacent if you aren't a woman over 50.   Women under 50 and men can also suffer breast cancer.   I make sure all my friends check themselves out regularly.  Simple self-examination costs nothing, takes hardly any time and could save your life.

Breast Cancer Campaign are constantly striving to keep Breast Awareness top of the agenda and events take place throughout the year. I regularly run the Race for Life in the summer.  By October I am ready to 'Wear it Pink' with my breast cancer pink ribbon.

Wear it Pink is just one of the month's initiatives (on 21 October this year) to raise awareness and funding for vital research in a fun way.

Get involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October and remember everything you learn, forever - it might just help out you or someone you love. 

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