April British Awareness Days

Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK Bowel Cancer Awareness Month every April

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month – Someone dies from bowel cancer in the UK every thirty minutes.  Seems unthinkable doesn’t it, especially when bowel cancer is treatable when diagnosed at an early stage.

But it’s happening all over the country and your help is needed now.

So what is bowel cancer?  Well it occurs when the cells in your bowel multiply and attack the surrounding tissue – which can then spread to the other parts of our body.  It is also referred to as colon cancer.

But here is hope: if treated early there is a very good chance of recovery. The only problem is that only 9% of patients are diagnosed at the early stage.   And that’s where you come in …

By downloading a fundraising pack and deciding to take part you can make more people understand the disease – and help prevent it.

You can either plan something of your own: maybe a fashion show, a bric-a-brac sale, a quiz night, or take part in a sponsored walk.  For more ideas and information, visit the Bowel Cancer Awareness Month website.

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