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Black History MonthBlack History Month

Since 1987 Black History Month has been celebrated every October in the United Kingdom.   The event is formally recognised by the Government and highlights the contributions Africa and African peoples make to the economic, social and political landscape of London and the wider UK.

However, issues of division are not over yet and a large drive behind the day is to continue tackling problems of racism within the country.

Events taking place in the month will occur all over the country and act as a means to bring together all communities in celebration of black history.   Esteemed institutions such as the V&A and Natural History Museums, as well as local authorities, libraries, archives and voluntary organisations work towards making the month a success.

There was a time when black people were treated as outcasts from society.  But in the modern world there are so many opportunities available in many different areas.

Sport is a big one.  Back at the start of the twentieth century black teams were not allowed to take part in cricket as a 'white game'.  They've got the last laugh now - the West Indies team are undisputed champions!  

What about creativity?   African threading is a great way that women express themselves - via hair!   Why not give it a try?   It takes a bit of wrapping and weaving but afterwards, you'll be left with a very exotic appearance!

I love the vibrancy of this month.  Black History Month is celebrated with storytelling, theatrical performances and comedy which showcases the spirit that has made black history so significant to all cultures across the world.

October was selected as it is crucial to the African calendar with the autumn equinox and the period of harvest.  It is also celebrated as a month of tolerance and when we can learn from the past.

October is also crucial in the UK as the start of the school year so it is assumed that young people, are more likely to be keen to learn all about black history in October.

For more information visit the Black History Month website for more information about how you can get involved.

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