British Awareness Days June

Take to the Streets for Bike Week 11-19 June 2016

Bike Week is a special time each year to promote cycling and show us just how easy it is to make cycling part of our every day routine!

There are loads of ways to get involved with this year’s events.  Across the country there will be thousands of cycling events that you can take part in.  And, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re an old pro or new to cycling.

From fundraising to commuter challenges, there’s a great variety of activities to pick from.  Or if you have your own ideas you can always organise your own event too!

It’s the biggest nationwide cycling event and over half a million people will join in and participate in events up and down the country.   So it is hoped that Bike Week will be an even bigger success this year.

For all the latest news and information and details of how you can register for the event visit the Bike Week website for details.

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