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You’re in for a real treat Bacon is the best kind of meat! Bacon Day 3 September 2016

Bacon Day
Bacon Day

Bacon Day – Who doesn’t love a BLT?  With a hot cup of tea to top it all off.  Or maybe you prefer it with your fry-up … or your calzone!

And when I say bacon, I mean everything bacon – previous year’s festivities have even included showings of Kevin Bacon movies!

Bacon Day has got me salivating already!   People have their preferences – I like mine smoked – others like theirs crispy!

The cuts of bacon differ too.   There’s streaky bacon, back bacon (my favourite!), gammon, collar bacon … and other types depending which part of the pig people like their bacon from.

Some people like the fattiness of streaky bacon and others prefer a leaner meat like back bacon.  There are plenty of flavours too: hickory, applewood, maple, peppered!  And there are so many recipes you can cook them all up with!

Not to mention bacon has a rather meaty history!  As early as 1500 BC the Chinese were known for salting pork bellies.   And do you know where the phrase to ‘bring home the bacon’ came from?   In the olden days people used to play a sport that involved catching a pig at country fairs – and the winning catcher got to take it home!

Try bacon ribs, add to pasta, make it into a snack or have it as brunch! For more options, visit the BBC Food website for a whole tasty selection of bacon recipes.  If you want to make that birthday present look quirky, bacon gift-wrap could be for you (not covering the gift in actual bacon … we’ll leave that to Lady Gaga!).

You could even cover your nicks and scars with a bacon and eggs bandage assortment – yes, really!