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Anti Slavery Day

Anti Slavery Day
Anti Slavery Day

Join us to end slavery
across the world
18 October

What do you think when you hear Anti Slavery Day?  That slavery is something of the past?  It should be, yet it’s still rife in many parts of the world.

Slavery has existed almost as long as human beings themselves, having been recorded as far back as the fifth century BC.  Many people were treated as dogs – locked in chains around their hands, feet and even their necks.  Beatings with whips was common practice and body parts were often cut off over trivial things or nothing at all.

They were not seen as human but as objects – a commodity that could be bought and sold for money to better the capitalist market and the wealthy individual!

So when did we ‘stop’ slavery?  And, why Anti Slavery Day?  The Abolition of the Slave Trade Act was finally passed in 1807 and all slaves were freed over the next twenty years.

So how very disappointing then, that here in the 21st century we need a day like this to raise awareness!  Did you know that millions of people in the modern world are treated as slaves? And it’s still happening all over the world.

It’s not true to say we’ve regressed completely.  Slavery is illegal, the problem is that much of it, including child slavery, goes on behind closed doors and in some places the laws aren’t enforced enough.

I once wrote a play on human trafficking – because at the time I’d been reading a lot about young women who were being exploited in the UK and I thought it was very important that these women were given a voice!

Your money could help a ‘slave’ escape their ‘master’ and find a job that doesn’t involve the exploitation of this person.  A sum as little as £10 could provide briefings for campaigners to send leaflets to government that protests against the problem and demands the freedom of slaves.

If you’re interested in getting involved and taking action visit the Anti Slavery Day website for more information.

Let’s all show we are for anti slavery beginning right now.  One small impact from you could make such a huge difference in the long-run … so show your support for Anti Slavery Day!