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Is an allergy getting to you? There’s plenty of things you can do! Allergy Awareness Week 25 April – 1 May 2016

Allergy Awareness Week
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Allergy Awareness Week will draw awareness to various allergies and promote well-being in those who suffer from them.

Usually the body’s response is actually towards a harmless substance – a common allergen like dust, pets, medicines and dairy foods like milk and eggs.  One that affects me quite badly is the allergens in tree and grass. Pollen triggers my hayfever every time!

Some allergens can be less obvious.  A young girl from the UK died after a very bad reaction to the chemical in a hair dye.  That’s why there is always such emphasis on testing the dye first!

So, what allergic reaction symptoms can you expect?  A runny nose, sneezing itchy eyes and ears, and in more serious cases, swollen lips or a rash.  The effects can range from irritating to fatal.  And all of these symptoms are a result of your body launching an attack on the invading allergen to drive it out of your body!

The misery that a reaction to an allergy can cause should not be underestimated!

So why not plan a fundraising event?   Go for something really fun like a murder mystery night – how exciting would it be to plan and see how it all pans out?!  Or go for something more decadent and invite friends over for some cheese and wine tasting!

Aside from arranging your own event, there really are lots of things you can do.  Have you had experience in anaging an allergy?   If so you could think about offering to speak to suffers on the phone, about how to deal with the experience and just give them someone to talk to.

You can also donate, speak to the press to even giving your old car to Allergy UK to do your bit to help!

Stay updated with all the latest Allergy Awareness Week news by checking out the official website.

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