Knocking back the booze?
You've got far too much to lose!
Alcohol Awareness Week
16-22 November 2015

Alcohol Awareness Week

It's here once again - the week that Alcohol Concern launches Alcohol Awareness Week. 

So why do people drink?   Well it usually starts out with using alcohol as a way of unwinding after a stressful week - or when having a few drinks with friends.  And while men are not meant to drink more than 3-4 alcohol units a day, women should not drink more than 2-3 units.

But a lot of people don't know what units actually mean in terms of what they drink - and therefore don't know when they're drinking too much! Find out how much you are drinking by using your very own drinks tracker app or alternatively you could try using the alcohol demotivator - you may be very surprised at the results!

Before long drinking habits can spiral out of control.  Issues with alcohol seem to be increasing and more and more school children are getting drunk before they've even reached adulthood.

The great thing about Alcohol Concern is they don't wait around to pop up for one week in November - they're always campaigning!  

In 2010 the organisation launched a manifesto that called for more attention to alcohol treatment and setting the right targets.  So much time is spent on complaining about the issue of alcohol but what about solving it and how can those who need it get help getting sober?

If older people are ignored because they're thought to be past the point of help and people with mental health issues are brushed under the carpet, what's going to change?

The theme for Alcohol Awareness Week 2015 hasn't been announced yet, so keep checking the official website for more information.  

Do you think you might have a problem with alcohol?  Have family members or friends expressed concerns that you're drinking too much?   Then it's time to listen and talk about the health risks, social problems and stigmas associated with drinking.

Pricing has also been a huge cause for concern because alcohol is 75% more affordable than it was thirty years ago.  That's not that long ago when you think about it but 75% IS a huge leap!

In the meantime, you can find out more alcohol abuse facts and track the 2015 plans by visiting the Alcohol Awareness Week website.

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