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Action for Brain Injury Week
9-15 May 2016

Action for Brain Injury WeekAction for Brain Injury Week

Photo courtesy of Sebcz

Action for Brain Injury Week - We wouldn't get very far without our brain would we?  We need it to survive; it connects everything together, processes emotions and essentially makes us who we are.

But they are fragile and can be severely damaged from the smallest knock.  Actress Natasha Richardson died after receiving a knock to the head while on a ski lesson.  She showed no signs of being hurt at the time but later felt unwell.  A crucial aim to Brain Injury Week is drawing awareness to the importance of getting help should you feel ill after an accident in any way.

Some people think they have mild concussion when it is much more serious.  Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI injury can result in several different types of damage.  To find out more about the symptoms of brain injury types visit the Headway website.

So this Action for Brain Injury Week the Headway organisation wants to campaign for more support for those who are vulnerable and highlight the effect cuts are having on their objectives.

The highlight of the week will be Hats for Headway Day on 13 May - check out the Headway website for details of the 2016 event.   Supporters will be wearing their finest or strangest hats on the day to show their support for Action for Brain Injury Week - so dust off your best hat box and wear your most wonderful hat, or why not make your own and get people to sponsor you for donning the oddest creation for the day - perhaps you could try making a fruit hat - as worn by Carmen Miranda - who, if you didn't know this, was a young hat maker before she became a famous singer!

To find out more about the local events that will be taking place and 'Hats for Headway Day', head over to the Action for Brain Injury Week website for more information.

And remember if you're ever trying out a new sport or doing something that could result in damage to your head - wear a helmet!

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