About Us

National Awareness Days about us – We are Ralph and Christine and we live in the UK and we would like to welcome you to our National Awareness Days website, which we are really quite proud of!  It has taken us several years of research and hard work to create it.  Along the way we have had lots of help from Kathleen, Alison and Mairi.  We really must also say a big thank you to Avril and Yoanna too for all their help and support!

The inspiration for the site originally came from Christine who works in the health industry and was aware of the many health related days, but when she wanted to find out about them she found there weren’t any good sources that had a decent sized list.

Obviously, we will never be able to find and list every awareness day, some can’t even be found on the internet, but we are going to try, it’s our goal!

We have a few hundred days listed, and there are more being added all the time.  If you have a day that you would like listed, then please let us know.  We have some rules though, basically it has to be an official day with a good website to support it and people to contact about it.  People often ask if we would start a day, but that is not currently our remit we are simply reporting on existing days, and act as a directory.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the site and finding out about the many days we have listed – hopefully, you will be inspired to start your own day or help raise awareness of a cause that is close to your heart!